Feeding Siamese Fighting Fish

Feeding Adult Bettas

To maintain the beautiful colors of Siamese fighting fish you will need to feed them the best quality flakes and granules with some vegetable matter. For the best results they will also require live or frozen food like bloodworms, artemia, fruit flies and so on, on a regular basis. They are not real picky, if you overfeed them regularly, they will get fat. When feeding Siamese fighting fish we recommend also feeding your fish food that is specific for bettas.tubifex worms

Bettas are carnivorous, meaning they eat only animal matter, but it’s healthy to supplement some vegetables in their diet. Like all fish, they should be given a varied diet to ensure they are receiving all the nutrients they need.

Here are the types of Betta Food

  • Fish flakes: you can try and feed these to your Betta, they are cheap and inexpensive. Some Betta’s flat out don’t like them.
  • Betta Fish pellets: These are specially designed for Bettas. This is easy to find at most pet stores
  • Freeze-Dried Food: Most pet stores carry these Betta treats, ranging from freeze dried bloodworms to brine shrimp. They also may not want to go back to the pellets after they’ve had these
  • Frozen Food: If you can find live bloodworms or brine shrimp then buy them in bulk, freeze them in small batches, then unfreeze them for feedings.
  • Live Food: If you can find live tubifex worms, bloodworms or brine shrimp you can feed them right to your Betta.

In nature Bettas live almost exclusively on insects and insect larvae. They have an upturned mouth that is well suited to catching any small insect that might fall into the water. Internally their digestive system is geared for meat, having a much shorter alimentary track than vegetarian fish.

Live foods for the Betta splendens

  • Brine shrimp
  • Daphnia
  • plankton
  • tubifex
  • glassworms
  • beef heart

Don’t overfeed your Bettas.

You may use freeze dried foods in case you prefer (instead of live food) but only put enough on the surface of the tank so that your fish can feed for as much in about 2 minutes. Once they have stopped feeding, clean the debris out of the tank immediately so it doesn’t cloud your water.

Don’t use food blocks to give your fish should you be away from home for several days. Fighting Fish can go up to ten days without food, so if you are only going away for a few days then they will be fine without having any additional food.

If you are going to be away for any longer period of time then you will need to get someone to come in a minimum of every couple of days to check the water level and to feed the fighting fish.

Feeding Betta splendens fry

Once the babies are free swimming (as is swimming horizontally instead of hanging with their tails down), the father must be removed because the male fish will eat the fry.

Careful when you fish that male out of the tank!

The babies must have food often and it must be appropriate for the size of their mouths. Good first food choices include Infusoria, boiled egg yolk, and freshly hatched baby brine shrimp.

After the first initial meal, you will need to feed twice a day. A must. If you can still see live micro worms at the bottom of your tank, then don’t add some more. If you see a lot of dead micro worms you have overfed them!

Fry have the need for a lot of nutritious live foods, and since live foods stay alive for a while in the tank before dying, the fries can snack all day long.